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Hi!  I'm April, a Certified Nutritionist and Transformation Specialist.  I've worked in the health and wellness field for over 15 years.
My journey began with a diagnosis of hypoglycemia 2 years after my son was born (23 years ago).  To backtrack it took 2 years to get a diagnosis!  All the health care providers said I was experiencing fatigue from being a new mom and that  I had postpartum depression.  But I knew my body and deep down knew they were missing something.  My symptoms were causing a significant negative impact on my quality of life.  I was tired all the time, moody, no sex drive, I would get dizzy, and every night I would wake up at 2:30am and vomit.  I could see how they came to their diagnosis but still didn't buy into it.  Then one day I went to see a PA for an emergency visit for a twisted ankle.  He asked "is there anything else I can help you with"?  My response was "actually there is!"  I proceeded to tell my story and share my symptoms and he immediately suspected hypoglycemia and sent me for a 5 hour glucose test.  Sure enough... my sugar dropped below 50 during the test and I finally had the answers. 
Diabetes runs in my family so WHY we didn't think of this in over 2 years was beyond me. 
I became an expert in the lifestyle needed to avoid diabetes.  My lifestyle needed to change.  I changed my diet, began exercising and did my best to manage my stress.   It was definitely a long learning experience.  People kept trying to throw all these quick fixes at me.  It wasn't long before I saw a need for a program that focused on overall wellness and not just quick fix "diets".  Over the years I have developed programs that help individuals as well as groups establish healthy habits that are sustainable for life.  Science based research and a proven success record demonstrate that if you just keep it simple it works!   Whole foods, smaller portions, frequent meals, exercise & stress management creates a sustainable lifestyle. 
Now I help others create these habits in a lot less time than it look me.  I've learned the "hacks" to incorporate these habits into a busy life.  Is it easy, maybe not, but it sure isn't hard!  
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