What's Included

  • short tutorial videos you can watch at one sitting in under an hour OR view in segments to fit into your busy lifestyle

  • PDF files you can download onto an e-reader or print and take with you

    • Forms of Sugar​

    • Nutrient Claims

    • Full Course in print form

  • join a private forum to share your ideas, ask questions and chat with other members who are taking the course


    • the perfect pantry list​

    • a list of certified logo definitions

How To Read A Food Label 

on-line course

Become a master at reading food labels and learn how to quickly determine if a product should go in your cart or back on the shelf.

Stop being fooled by the fancy marketing!  We will cover all 3 of the claims that can be made on a food label and what they REALLY mean.

Learn how to find the hidden sugar.  Manufactures can be very sneaky.  You'll also get a BONUS list of the 61 types of sugars to look for on a food label.

Learn how to calculate the net carbohydrates of the product.  These are the "good" carbohydrate your body needs for sustainable energy.

Understand the loop holes in labeling and why a product can still have trans fats but listed as "0"

You'll learn how to understand what's listed on the Nutritional Facts Panel and how many grams of each items you should include in your daily meals.

MOST IMPORTANTLY you'll learn how to become a detective with the ingredients list.  Once you know what to look for in the ingredients list you can make decisions quickly.


ONLY $19.99

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